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Amazon-NYNJ Port Authority's Secret HUB Deal Thwarted by Coalition of Activists & Labor Groups

Updated: Jul 12

A coalition of Activists, Labor Groups, including local businesses, celebrated the cancellation of the Amazon-NYNJ Port Authority's Secret Air Cargo HUB deal. The rally, held at Weequahic Park, was organized by Make the Road New Jersey and Clean Water Action on Friday, July 8th. Speakers from the various groups of the "Good Jobs Clean Air Coalition", including, the Weequahic Park Association, voiced their excitement about the Port Authority's statement.

On Thursday, Jul 7, 2022 Port Authority Chief Operating Officer, Huntley Lawrence, stated that while "his office and Amazon engaged in 'good-faith' negotiations over the past year, they have been "unable to reach an agreement on the final lease terms".

In a statement Thursday, Port Authority Chief Operating Officer Huntley Lawrence said that while his office and Amazon engaged in “good-faith” negotiations over the past year, they have been “unable to reach an agreement on the final lease terms and mutually concluded that further negotiations will not resolve outstanding issues”. Opponents of the HUB also decried Amazon's unwillingness to negotiate and the lack of transparency and community input involved in the deal.

"This is a huge victory for our communities of color, workers and environmental justice advocates. Black and Latinx Newark and Elizabeth residents that carry the burden left by traffic and pollution––high levels of asthma, cancer, elevated blood lead levels, cardiovascular diseases and developmental disorders––led this fight,” stated David Lenis, a member of Make the Road NJ and Elizabeth resident. “While our communities fought for basic health and safety, Amazon was unwilling to comply with basic labor and environmental standards. This fight has shown us that when we come together and fight against corporate greed and environmental destruction, our communities win.”

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