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The "Weequahic Park Garden Club" Is Sprouting!!!

Updated: Jul 24

We are excited to announce that the Weequahic Park Garden Club will hold its first session on "Pollinator Gardening" class, Thursday, July 14, 2022 from 4:00-6:00pm!!!

The sessions will be taught by Dena Corbin, Founder and CEO of Natural Ground 1

With over 30 years of support, education and application of calling to a Natural Whole Wellness Life Style. Natural Ground 1 is here to answer the call in a BIGGER, BOLDER, and BETTER, way. Through company or personally designed workshops, individual or group consultations.

Dena is a wife, mother, grandmother, retired Special Education Teacher and Best Selling Author of Change, Balance and Flow An Essential Oil Journey. Natural Ground 1 supports all things Natural, Creative and Empowering.

We will gather at the Community Center before heading outside to begin planting our Pollinator Garden.

For more on Dena, click here to watch her TED Talk "Reframing the Idea of Gardening".


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